Made in nearby Harleysville, PA, Calicutts Spice Co. is a mother and son-in law team of 'spice artisans dedicated to meticulously handcraftingawesomeness'


Each blend is crafted from a small batch of freshly sourced, toasted, and ground spices responsibly sourced from local generations-old family farms. The spices are gently toasted, ground, and hand-blended.


The Vintage Pantry Co. offers three signature blends:


Cajun Blackened - In honor robust Creole flavors, this blend is savory, energetic, and boasts sharp notes of heat. Cayenne Chile provides this blend's signature punch of spice, tempered by prominent notes of Garlic, Onion and Sweet Paprika. Incredibly diverse in its applications, this blend complements a variety of meats, vegetables, pastas, and grains.


Chipotle Honey - This blend is brimming with both heat and sweetness. Made with dried honey and toasted Chipotle Chiles, this blend starts with an amazing topnote of sweetness, followed by a distinctive mellow earthiness from various traditional Mexican spices. Use the Chipotle & Honey blend in meat and vegetable dishes, or as a versatile and unique dry rub.


Fire Salt - Inspired by the base-seasoning of a closely-guarded family recipe for Soppressata, this blend pairs Pacific Ocean Sea Salt with freshly ground toasted Cayenne Chile and Sweet Paprika to create a finishing salt with plenty of sharp flavorful heat. Use this blend wherever you need savory, slightly fruity, and spicy elements, including on eggs, tomatoes, avocado, corn, and of course, meats.

Calicutts Spice Blend