Shop the Moderncity + Main Holiday Collection of scents that range from warm, to wintery. See descriptions below. All scents are offered in a 9oz. and 4oz. option.

  • Deck the Halls - Warm cinnamon, sugared plum and comforting fraser fir.
  • Winter Forest - Calming top note of cypress met with the cool and clarifying scent of tree moss, anchored in the comfort of cedar.
  • Tree Farm - Calming top note of cypress met with the comfort of evergreen, anchored in the crisp and distinctive scent of fraser fir.
  • Frosted GingerbreadComforting clove, warm gingerbread, and smooth vanilla.
  • Caroling Calming top note of bay laurel, met with the cool comfort of tree moss and fraser fir.
  • Misteltoe Magic - Fraser fir met with sugared holly berry, wrapped in the distinctive comfort of pine.
  • Christmas Eve - Sweet apple, delicate and distinct pine, anchored in the warmth of cedar.
  • Sparkling Cranberry - Punchy top note of orange, followed by tart cranberry and anchored in warm clove.

Moderncity + Main Holiday Collection